Kangra Botanical Garden is the central project of Kangra Gardens and aims to embody everything Kangra Gardens stands for. In this way, it help to not only integrate various EduCARE India projects but will also be a home for them.

The botanical garden has various different purposes:

  • To regenerate the ecosystem and promote the conservation of biodiversity
  • To support community health
  • To build towards food security and nutrition
  • To engage people in connecting better with the environment

The various parts of Kangra Botanical Garden are thus designed with these purposes at heart. For instance, to support community health, one section of the garden will specifically cater to the growing of herbs to aid in the production of Ayurvedic medicine, branded as Kangra Botanics (kangrabotanics.com). In order to build toward food security and nutrition, another section of the garden will implement the use of syntropic farming to simultaneously grow food and regenerate the ecosystem. The community garden, and ‘Regen Learning Center,’ will aim to engage visitors in learning more about Kangra Gardens as well as facilitating experiential learning to help all who come better connect with, and find a sense of belonging in the environment.