Local Volunteers

Garden is committed to building and nurturing our valuable volunteer team. We believe having a passionate, responsive and dynamic volunteer community at the Garden is one of the best strategic tools to achieve our mission. By becoming a volunteer you make a substantial contribution to preservation and knowledge of tropical plants and ecosystems. Why not use your time and talent to grow with us?

  • Fun and rewarding
  • Variety of opportunities available – put your current skills and experience to work or learn something new that interests you
  • Opportunities are available year-round, on weekdays and / or weekends
  • Flexible hours – some volunteers come in a few times a week, some once a month, and others on a seasonal basis.
  • Kangra Gardens have several positions that are suitable for volunteers who are visiting the area and may only be able to commit to one shift, a minimum of 3-4 hours of time.
  • Ages range from 10 to 80+
  • Supportive workplace environment
  • Orientation and on-the-job training specific to your position
  • Great benefits such as invitations to special events, special newsletters, behind-the-scenes access, opportunities to learn more about the fascinating world of sub-tropical plants, and a chance to make new friends